irc: #amgine @ quakenet

Welcome to Amgine Clan Management System...

Currently this main site is still under development but should be all up and running soon. - Amgine is a powerful - Easy to use clan management system, designed and coded by gamers who have been involved in the online scene for well over 10 years now!

Amgine is very close to being completed, we are just ironing out a few bugs and issues right now before its release!

We are currently looking for 2 or 3 active clans to take part in our beta test stage! If you are in a clan, or run one and you feel that you could be of use to us then please drop us an e-mail and if we feel you may be good for us to use and abuse you then we will contact you asap! - Please note that not everyone will be accepted. We get many e-mails and we only want active clans who we feel will push Amgine to its limits!

Amgine is currently live at The Enigma Zone Crew so feel free to check out the system before hand!